Option A-
“WHO IS WISE? He that learns from everyone. WHO IS POWERFUL? He that governs his passions. WHO IS RICH? He that is content. WHO IS THAT? Nobody.” -B. Franklin

Option B-
Shorts 1. See Brokes. 2. Short pieces of fabric sold at discounts because they are too short to be acceptable at full price. The lengths are generally expressed as 1/10 yard lengths, 10/20’s, 20/40’s, etc.

Option C-
“We ask the price of many things in market place and shops but some things each man buys without hesitation...” -unknown GNT Spring 1954

Summer is barely starting and we are getting ready for the SS15 campaign around the corner. We are showing SS15 in NY July 14-24, please contact for appointments. SS15 will be showing in Tokyo July 28-August 1, please contact for appointments.