For EG/FWK FW15, the 1980’s was explored at first through quintessential NY shops like Parachute and Charivari but then focused on the designers and mood of the day. Great designers proposing new ideas like Jhane Barnes, Audrey Buckner, Bill Kaiserman, Ronaldus Shamask, Garrick Anderson and Willi Smith. And then of course the introduction to Japanese designers like Comme des Garcons, Yohji Yamamoto and Matsuda. The mood was like no other, somber and sever at once, colorless in dark navy, charcoal and black. New York was at a great transition coming out of the 1970’s disco and going into the designer 1980’s. The Upper West Side, Columbus Ave were the places to go and shop. This era was cool in America like no other, artsy and minimal but maximal at the same time. This circulating mood infused with traditional EG/FWK classics have added textures, dimension and a slight turn from the exploration of American Sportswear to simultaneously making something softer and sharper.